Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of housing do you offer?

All of our properties are single family houses with either 3 or 4 bedrooms.


Do you rent them by the room?

No, we rent by the house; so you will need others ready to rent with you.


When should I begin looking?

Students often begin contacting us when they return in the fall for housing for the next academic year. We process applicants as they arrive, so it's never too early.


When do your leases start?  How long do they run?

All our leases begin June 1st. They run for one calender year, until May 31st. If you plan to stay longer than 1 year we have leases that automatically renew.


How can I tell what's available?

Unfortunately, occupancy is so fluid that you have to communicate by calling to find out what is currently available.


What safety features do the houses have?

All of our houses have monitored alarms. The service is through a national company and is included in your rent. You create a new code when you move in. Additionally, all of our houses have barred windows on the first floor.


Who pays for utilities?

We pay for water. The rest of the utilities are the responsibility of the tenants.


Are pets allowed?

Cats are allowed. Dogs aren't. Fish are fine. So are reptiles.


Who cuts the grass?

We are responsible for all landscaping.  We are also responsible for snow removal.


What about Trash Removal?

Trash is your responsibility. That means you have to have recepticles, and you must get them to the curb every Tuesday night. Trash is a major concern of the community, so we insist that trash issues be dealt with responsibly.


What happens when something needs fixing?

We fix it. If it's a problem where no one's at fault, it's free. If a tenant caused the damage, there's a charge. There's a Maintenance Request Form  on this site, or you can call us.