Move in Information

Move in Day


Move in day is June 1st anytime after 3:00. Prior to move in we'll arrange a time to meet at the property. A key will be made for each tenant. At that time, all outstanding balances must be paid in order to receive the keys. No exceptions will be made.

Prior to move in it is necessary to contact the utility companies to put service in your name put in your name with a scheduled start date of June 1. Gas is provided by PGW and electric is provided by PECO. Their numbers can be found at the Links You Need page. This will eliminate the possibility that you're without gas or electric when you move in.

Also, Comcast or Verizon provide internet service. You are NOT permitted to have satellites attached to the roof or sides of the house. Comcast and Verizon contact information is also available on the Links You Need page.


Utility Transfer Verification


Within 5 days of move in, we require that you return the PGW Transfer Verification Form (see the Forms area). This form is mandatory in order to avoid interruption of your gas service.


Behavior in the Community


By moving off campus, you are becoming part of an established community populated by hard working people who have been there long before you and will be there long after. On the whole, the neighborhood has "seen it all",  is well adjusted to living with LaSalle students, and knows what behavior to accommodate and what is intolerable. It is your responsibility to be a "good neighbor" and conduct yourselves in a way that is acceptable to the community. Furthermore, it's the law.

Hotbutton issues are noise, trash, and public urination. With just a little attention to these areas, you will enjoy a problem free time living off campus. However, if there are complaints about your behavior, you can be brought before a LaSalle University Disciplinary Committee and put on probation, suspended, or expelled. In addition, Bear Bridge Realty can charge you with lease violations that could ultimately lead to your eviction. So we'll touch each area briefly.




Residential quiet hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 9 PM to 8 AM, and Friday to Sunday 11PM to 9 AM.

Every effort should be made to keep all parties indoors with music at acceptable volumes. Whenever possible, party in the basement. Remember:  you are responsible for both yourselves and your guests. By law.




Trash and recycling are picked up together on Wednesday morning. Trash can be put out Tuesday night after 7 PM. The city will issue fines for trash put out at incorrect times. It is also the law that you must recycle. The city will issue fines for not recycling or mixing regular rubbish and recycling. Go herefor the complete rules relating to trash and recycling.

It is your responsibility to not only get your trash to the curb each week, but to keep your property free of trash so as not to violate Philadelphia city litter laws. If you fail, and we have to do either task for you, you will be charged.


Public Urination


This should be self explanatory. Nothing will incense your neighbors quicker than being forced to watch someone publicly eliminate, or worse, have their house be the recipient of the elimination. It will automatically lead to a call to the police. Avoid it.  And make sure your guests do the same.